Brđanski balm 100% natural



Balm for the treatment of Haemorrhoids with or without propolis is produced using carefully selected natural ingredients from within our region. This is really important if we bear in mind that for centuries we adapted to use the local plants from which our body can gain most.


Balm for treatment of Haemorrhoids contains cold pressed olive oil, beeswax and plant-based wax (candellila), and 10 medicinal herbs (increased concentration of St. John’s wort, pot marigold, common elder, yarrow, greater celandine, burdock, great horsetail, Wolf’s-foot Clubmoss, common centaury, greater plantain), lemon essential oil, while balm for treatment of Haemorrhoids with propolis contains propolis as well.

Price: 8.5 EUR


Haemorrhoids – enlarged blood vessels that are found inside or around the rectum (straight intestine) and anus, which are not bleeding extensively.

Lemon essential oil contains fat-soluble parts of bioflavonoids, vitamin-like substances, commonly named vitamin P that have role in keeping blood vessels healthy. Active principles of lemon essential oil are parts of bioflavonoid hesperetin, naringenin and rutin, respectively their components hesperetin, naringenin and quercetin, that have:

1. anti-inflammatory effect – reducing harmful inflammatory reaction, and redness, pain, swelling, impaired function of skin and mucosae, and complications caused by haemorrhoids;

2. analgesic effect (reduces pain);

3. antimicrobial (antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal) effect – prevent development of bacteria, viruses and fungi;

4. reduce possible bleeding of haemorrhoids;

5. antioxidative effect (against oxidative stress, namely against harmful free radicals).

Actually, the most important is antioxidative effect of active principles, because oxidative stress by destroying our cells starts an inflammatory reaction. Inflammatory reaction can affect any tissue or organ. Inflammation has a protective role but if it is too strong or lasts too long can harm more than benefit the body due to additional damage to the already inflamed tissue. Inflammation damages the more enlarged veins of rectum and anus (haemorrhoids). Due to inflammation they are swelling more, become more painful and impair emptying of the bowels, which worsens the inflammation. This is how a vicious circle (circulus vitiosus) starts, that needs to be stopped at any point. Active principles decrease oxidative stress, and in doing so, the strength of the inflammatory reaction as well, which damages veins more and more over time.

Once the inflammation is reduced, its symptoms subside: increased temperature of the inflamed area (color), pain (dolor), redness (rubor), swelling (tumor) and impaired function (functio laesa). Veins are still enlarged (haemorrhoids), but it is less pronounced, because they have expanded due to the reduced blow flow in the portal vein (vena portae – vena cava inferior), not because of the inflammation. Inflammation worsens them and increases the likelihood of bleeding. Reduction in the blood flow of portal vein is caused by many factors, most significant being a sedentary life style and genetic predisposition for weak vein walls. In the same manner enlarged veins in the legs are developed and become complicated if inflamed (phlebitis), but in rectum inflammation develops much faster and easier because rectal mucosa and feces are rich in bacteria. Additionally, rectal mucosa is thinner than skin so it is more prone to damage and inflammation.

Balm with propolis has more benefits. Propolis active principles are derivates of quercetin (bioflavonoids) and derivatives of caffeic acid.

– Sensitivity (allergic reaction) to any of balm ingredients or medicinal herbs;

– Haemorrhoids that are heavily bleeding, which are the ones that continue bleeding after emptying of the bowels, and ones that bleed during the day, unrelated to emptying the bowels.

– Wash your hands and anal area before application of this balm and dry those with clean towel.

– As balm is thicker than normal cream, we will explain to you how to properly apply it so you gain the maximum benefit.

For external haemorrhoids:

– Use a plastic spatula to scrape little amount of the balm and put it onto your fingertip. Spread a thin layer of the balm on the selected area of the skin using your fingertip.

– Repeat this process at least 2 times a day, especially in the evening and after a substantial passing.

– The plastic spatula must be rinsed with a hot water after every use, to remove excess greasiness, and dipped in a 70% surgical spirit in a closed container. This is how it should be stored, and just before the next use rinse it with lukewarm water.

For internal haemorrhoids:

– Gently dip applicator (little syringe) into the balm at the 90 degrees angle, and at the same time pull the piston. In this way applicator will be filled with balm (1.5-2 cm). Take applicator out of the balm and position it in your rectum 4-5 cm deep and slowly push the piston. In this way all of the balm will stay in rectum. Take your applicator out and wash it with hot water to remove greasiness and dip in a 70% surgical spirit in a closed container. This is how it should be stored, and just before the next use rinse it with lukewarm water.

– There is a risk of side effects if users do not respect contraindications or the person does not know that they are allergic to a certain ingredient.

– Long-term use of this balm can increase detoxification rate of the liver, which can be beneficial for removal of toxins out of the body, unless you are using drugs that are metabolised in the liver. In that case, drug will be removed quickly from the blood stream and its effects will be reduced. None of the users of our balms have ever informed us about any side effects.

– Although essential oils in our balms are present in the medically safe concentrations, it is our duty to inform you about all possible contraindications and side effects.


Your doctor might reduce official therapy if you are using this balm as well.