Brđanski balm 100% natural



Brdjanski Melem d.o.o. is company established in autumn of 2007. which produces natural remedies.

By using 100% natural ingredients and modern herbal extraction equipment we produce traditional balms following leading-edge technology. We sell our products under the name “Highlands balm” and currently there are six varieties for treatment of various skin conditions.

The most useful plants for humans of certain areas would be the ones that were used by their ancestors, having in mind that during the centuries they form a bond with their environment. Thanks to our balms, the tradition of using medicinal herbs for healing of various conditions has been preserved and offered for use by modern man.

The original recipes of “Highlands balm” originate from the highland areas of north Montenegro. “Highlands balm”, named by highlanders, people that were making and using balms for centuries, are now available to modern man.

Historically, balms would consist of lard and dripping which were necessary to make them easily spreadable. Today, plant-based wax and beeswax are used instead of animal by-products. The combination of these two waxes makes balms even more spreadable and potent.

Our goal is to bring the gifts of nature in the form of final products. Thanks to improvements in technical procedures we can now produce more quality extracts from medicinal herbs even faster.

“Highlands balm” is a unique, 100% natural remedy with application in everyday treatment of skin conditions, physical therapy, treatment of haemorrhoids and treating of sports injuries.